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Our dental clinic is proud to offer comprehensive care, carefully tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our patients. When you begin treatment, we provide you with a detailed treatment plan, a professionally prepared schedule and approximate costs so that you are in full control of your treatment.

Our team of experienced specialists, listens attentively to your needs and provides the best solutions. We present general information about the cost of dental and aesthetic medicine treatments on our website, but we will provide real precision during your consultation appointment. It is then that we will tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs.

We aim to provide not only a beautiful smile, but also health and comfort. Our advanced technology and modern dental equipment guarantee safe and effective treatments.

We invite you to take advantage of our services and join the ranks of satisfied patients. Make an appointment for a consultation and meet our professional team, ready to meet your expectations.

Take care of your smile and your health with us!

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Dentistry Wroclaw - Price list of services

Full hygienization with fluoridation and oral hygiene instruction 400 zł
Skaling 350 zł
Fluoryzacja 200 zł

Dental consultation (without treatment) 200 zł
Pain visit from 350 zł
- little 400 zł
- average 450 zł
- large 500 zł
Bonding 700 zł
per 1 tooth

Endodontic treatment of a tooth under the microscope
Chopper 900 zł
Fang 950 zł
Premolar 1200 zł
Arborc 1550 zł
Reendo +350 zł
Reconstruction on a fiberglass insert 650 zł
Removal of a broken tool from the canal 200 zł
MTA 250 zł
Individual metal insert 700-800 zł
Fiberglass insert 600 zł

Prevdent lamp 1650 zł

Whole tomography 400 zł
Partial tomography 250 zł
Panto for our patients 100 zł
Panto for customers outside the clinic 150 zł
Cefalo for our patients 100 zł
Cefalo for non-clinic customersi 150 zł
Punctual (each additional free of charge during root canal treatment) 50 zł

Consultation 200 zł
Emax porcelain veneer/feldspathic veneer 1550 zł
Composite veneer 1800 zł
Emax/feldspathic all-ceramic crown 2000 zł
Crown on Zirconia Substructure 2200 zł
Crown on Metal Substructure 1100 zł
Acrylic Denture from 1850 zł
Skeletal prosthesis from 2000 zł
Total prosthesis from 2000 zł
Porcelain inlay/onlay 1550 zł
Composite inlay/onlay 1350 zł
Temporary crown 200 zł
Composite/porcelain endocorona 1450 zł

Consultation 200 zł
Relaxation rail 1000-1500 zł

Consultation 200 zł
Extraction of a deciduous tooth 300 zł
Extraction of a permanent tooth from 700 zł
Complex extraction from 900 zł
Extraction of an eighth straight 1050 zł
Surgical extraction of an eighth graft with PRF/ A-PRF 1400 zł
Platelet Rich Plasma 400 zł
Implant-supported crown 2650 zł
Soft tissue regeneration from 2000 zł
Bone regeneration 2000-3000 zł
Placing the healing screw 200 zł
Closed sinus lift from 2000 zł
Open sinus lift from 3000 zł
Corticotomy 2000 zł
Implant placement 3300 zł

Orthodontic consultation without impressions 200 zł
Consultation with impression/scan taking + photographs 350 zł
Preparation and discussion of the treatment plan 200 zł
Removal of permanent retainer 1 arch 400 zł
Removal of permanent retainer 2 arches 650 zł
Metal braces 1 arch 2200 zł
Aesthetic braces 1 arch 3200 zł
Self-ligating braces 1 arch 3800 zł
Establishment of Damon Clear 4200 zł
Retention treatment:
  - Rail 550 zł
  - Retainer fixed 500 zł
Follow-up visit for fixed/aesthetic braces od 300 zł
Follow-up visit for removable braces 170 zł
Palatal camera follow-up visit 200 zł
Microimplant 800 zł
Short circuit booster board 800 zł
Turbo Bite 300 zł
Hyrax 1200 zł
Hybrid-Hyrax 1400 zł
Palatal rotator 1000 zł
GMD 2000 zł
Carriere Motion metal/aesthetic 2000/2300 zł
Headgear 850 zł
Beneslider 2500 zł
Single-jaw removable braces (e.g., Schwarz plate) 1000 zł
Functional mobile braces (e.g., twinblock) 1500 zł
Two-jaw mobile braces (e.g., block braces) 1200 zł
Herbst/twin-force/forsus apparatus 2500 zł
Bonding a damaged metal lock 150 zł
Bonding a damaged aesthetic lock 200 zł
Face mask 750 zł
Stripping 250 zł
Mobile braces repair od 150 zł
Visit with ring selection 100 zł
Visit with the assumption of separation 50 zł
Overlay treatment - diagnostic scan 1000 zł
Overlay treatment (for 2 arches) from 12000 zł
Placement of a permanent retainer for 1 arch 600 zł
Placement of a removable retainer for 1 arch 600 zł
Removal of fixed braces with retention 350 zł
TPA apparatus 600 zł
Retention visit 120 zł

Adaptation visit 150 zł
Dental examination in children + treatment plan + adaptation visit 200 zł
Treatment of caries in a deciduous tooth 350 zł
Removal of a deciduous tooth 300 zł
Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth from 350 zł
Fluoridation 200 zł
Pain visit 350 zł
If the patient or the child's guardian does not cooperate with the attending physician, a fee may be added to the visit
150 zł


Aesthetic medicine Wrocław - Price list of services

Treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin 1200 zł

Mesotherapy 1 area (e.g. face, neck, décolleté) 600 zł

Botulinum toxin/botox 1 area (e.g. transverse forehead wrinkles, lion's wrinkle, crow's feet, paved chin) 600 zł

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