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Have you noticed tooth decay in yourself? Or perhaps you have broken a tooth or are experiencing tooth pain? Trust conservative dentistry, which focuses on preserving and treating natural teeth. Its main goal is to diagnose and treat disease and damage to teeth to restore their function and healthy appearance.

As part of conservative dentistry, we treat:

caries – we will remove infected or damaged tissues of the tooth and restore it with fillings (fillings). Our goal is to restore the function and appearance of the tooth and provide protection against further development of decay.
Mechanical damage to teeth, such as cracks, fractures or cavities resulting from trauma.

With conservative dentistry, you will maintain your oral health and minimize the risk of tooth loss. Regular visits to our office will keep your teeth natural for many years.

Effective caries treatment Wroclaw? Bet on Milanova® Clinic

Effective caries treatment involves the removal of damaged tooth tissue, so we can stop the progression of the disease.

The first step of our activities is an accurate diagnosis of caries, determining the severity of the disease and the extent of damage. With this knowledge, we can proceed to remove the infected tooth tissue.

In the case of small cavities or incipient carious lesions, we usually apply a filling (filling), which closes the cavity and restores the tooth’s function. In the situation of more advanced decay, we proceed to remove most of the tooth and rebuild its structure.

Filling and restoration of a tooth Wroclaw? With us you will regain your beautiful smile!

Damaged teeth can be reconstructed. For smaller cavities caused by decay or mechanical damage, such as cracks or cavities, we use composite fillings (fillings).

Tooth reconstruction is performed for larger defects when the filling (filling) is not sufficient to restore the tooth to full function. In such situations we use:

  • dental crowns that provide protection and restore bite function;
  • veneers to improve the appearance and restore the front part of the tooth.

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