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Chirurgia stomatologiczna Wrocław

Do you need surgical removal of eights? Or do you need to replace lost teeth with dental implants?

At Milanova® Clinic, we offer a wide range of surgical services, such as:

  • removal (extractions) of teeth, including wisdom teeth, permanent teeth and milk teeth that are damaged, infected or in a bad position;
  • placement of dental implants to replace lost teeth;
  • resections of the tops of tooth roots;
  • treatment of periodontal disease.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, including diagnostic imaging equipment, which allows us to provide fast and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. We make sure that every patient feels comfortable and safe with us, and procedures are carried out in a painless manner.

Removal (extractions) of teeth Wroclaw? Bet on the best!

Surgical tooth extraction in our office is performed by a qualified dental surgeon using appropriate tools and anesthesia to ensure comfort and minimize pain.

Surgical removal of eights is often a necessity. Wisdom tooth removal may be necessary when:

  • there is a lack of space in the mouth;
  • wisdom teeth grow in the wrong direction and cause pain, discomfort and inflammation of the gums;
  • decay or infection develops;
  • they affect the bite and cause misalignment of other teeth;
  • removal of eights is part of an orthodontic treatment plan.

Dental implants Wroclaw? Check out our offer

Dental implants are permanent solutions that are used to replace lost teeth. They consist of a metal screw that is implanted into the jawbone and a dental crown that is attached to the implant and acts as a replacement tooth.

At Milanova® Clinic, we know that dental implants are a permanent and effective solution for missing teeth, as they restore chewing function, smile aesthetics and prevent jawbone loss.

However, not every patient may be a suitable candidate for dental implants. We invite you to a consultation during which we will assess individual needs and develop a treatment plan.

Root resection Wrocław? The specialists at Milanova® Clinic will help.

Root tip resection involves the removal of a portion of the tooth root tip and nearby inflammatory tissue. This procedure is usually performed in cases when root canal treatment (endodontics) has not been effective or when it can no longer be continued.

At Milanova® Clinic, we perform a root tip resection to preserve the tooth and avoid extraction. It is a relatively minimally invasive procedure that can help save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Treatment of periodontal disease Wroclaw? With us you will get rid of the pain

Periodontal diseases, including periodontitis and gum disease, pose a serious threat to oral health. Gingivitis is a condition in which the gums become red, swollen and prone to bleeding when teeth are brushed or pressed.

If left untreated, inflammation can lead to more advanced periodontal disease, known as periodontitis. With access to specialized products and equipment, our specialists effectively treat periodontitis.

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