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Wybielenie zębów Wrocław

Do you dream of a snow-white and radiant smile? Teeth whitening treatment is an excellent way to improve the beauty of your smile and gain self-confidence. Not only will it lighten the natural color of your teeth, it will also remove any surface stains and discoloration. Opt for effective teeth whitening and charm with a beautiful smile.

There are various methods of teeth whitening. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which method is best for you.

Teeth whitening by PrevDent Wroclaw method? Regain your snow-white smile with us!

Our clinic offers teeth whitening with the use of modern equipment and the latest technologies that allow you to get fast and effective results. We use methods that are safe for the patient and do not damage the enamel.
We offer regenerative teeth whitening using the PrevDent method, which is one of the most effective teeth whitening methods available on the market. The PrevDent whitening method uses a whitening agent (hydrogen peroxide) with nano-hydroxyapatite, which strengthens tooth enamel and has an antimicrobial effect. This makes the teeth whitening procedure completely safe and non-invasive.

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