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Do you dream of a snow-white and radiant smile? A teeth whitening treatment is the perfect way to improve the beauty of your smile and gain confidence. Not only will it lighten the natural colour of your teeth, it will also remove any surface stains and discolouration. Opt for effective teeth whitening and charm with a beautiful smile.

There are various methods of teeth whitening. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which method is best for you.

Teeth whitening by PrevDent Wrocław? Regain your snow-white smile with us!

Our clinic offers teeth whitening with the use of modern equipment and the latest technologies, which allow for fast and effective results. We use methods that are safe for the patient and do not damage the enamel.

We offer regenerative teeth whitening using the PrevDent method, which is one of the most effective teeth whitening methods available on the market. The PrevDent whitening method uses a whitening preparation (hydrogen peroxide) with nano-hydroxyapatite, which strengthens tooth enamel and has an antimicrobial effect. This makes the teeth whitening procedure completely safe and non-invasive.

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What does regenerative whitening consist in?

The regenerative whiteningof teeth with the PrevDent method is a procedure thanks to which, during one visit, we can not only whiten teeth, but also restore the enamel. So we take care of both the visual and health aspects. PrevDent whitening, unlike other methods, significantly reduces or completely eliminates the tooth sensitivity caused by the procedure and allows for simultaneous remineralisation of the enamel.

Theeffects after regenerative whitening are:

  • Unified, improved tooth colour,
  • Abolition of tooth hypersensitivity, which is a common problem and complication of whitening treatments,
  • Improved condition of the enamel, which is the natural protection of the teeth.

The great advantage of whitening with the PrevDent method is the possibility ofobtaining positive effects already during one treatment and one visit to the dentist. Within 2-3 hours, we are able to visibly improve the appearance and health of your smile in a safe and proven manner.

How does PrevDent teeth whitening work?

PrevDent whitening usually consists of four stages.

  • We place a dilator in the mouth, which provides easy access to the teeth and, at the same time, protects the gums and mouth from the active substances present in the preparations used.
  • Application of a special material, so-called liquid cofferdam, which protects the gums
  • We apply a whitening preparation with nano-hydroxyapatite and hydrogen peroxide. Light the teeth with a lamp for approx. 8-10 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times, depending on the initial condition of the teeth and the desired effect.
  • We apply a preparation that repairs and remineralises the enamel. This reduces the likelihood of hypersensitivity and pain after the treatment.

Finally, we provide you with detailed post-treatment recommendations and tips on how to follow a white diet, so you can enhance the effects of whitening and take comprehensive care of your appearance and oral health.

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