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A dental x-ray, or dental X-ray, is one of the most commonly performed examinations in dentistry. It accurately images the teeth, their roots, as well as the bones of the jaw. By performing a dental x-ray, we can detect dental diseases, but also plan dental treatment.

Tooth x-ray helps:

  • in the early detection of caries,
  • in assessing the condition of tooth roots, bone tissue of the jaws,
  • in planning dental procedures,
  • in monitoring developing teeth in children and adolescents,
  • in detecting abnormalities, tumors, cysts or other pathological changes in the oral cavity, jawbone or mandible.

X-ray of the tooth should be performed only when medically justified. It is the dentist who decides whether an X-ray is necessary based on the patient’s individual needs and diagnostic goals.

A pantomographic radiograph Wroclaw? Only at Milanova® Clinic

A pantomographic photo is a type of X-ray that shows the entire jawbone, jawbone and teeth. Thanks to it, we can detect diseases of the teeth, such as caries or inflammation of the tissues around the root of the tooth, but also diseases of the jaw. Pantomographic (2D) images make it easier to see what cannot be seen during an intraoral examination.

At Milanova® Clinic, we have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform accurate and precise dental x-rays. This allows us to provide proper diagnosis and effective treatment of oral diseases.

CBCT imaging Wroclaw? Check out our offer

CBCT (3D) examination is the latest medical imaging technology, which allows us to obtain three-dimensional images. This allows us to see details that are not visible on standard X-rays. CBCT (3D) computed tomography is useful in diagnosing diseases of the teeth, jawbone and mandible. We also use it when planning complex surgery, implant surgery or root canal treatment.

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