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Dentist Yevhenii Burdeinyi

Yevhenii Burdeinyi


Root canal treatment

About me

Dr Eugene Burdeinyi, a 2019 graduate of Odessa National Medical University, began his career in the department of surgery of the largest hospital in the Odessa region. After gaining valuable experience in general medicine, he decided to specialise in microscopic endodontics, a field in which today he achieves excellent results in root canal treatment.

Since 2021, Dr Burdeinyi has been a member of the team at the private clinic, where he not only continues his practice but also continuously develops his skills by attending numerous courses in microscopic endodontics. He is particularly known for his use of advanced techniques, such as precision intraoral scanners, which allows him to perform complex tooth restorations, including crowns, bridges and implant-supported crowns. In addition, Dr Burdeinyi also specialises in the design and application of complete and partial dentures, enabling patients to regain the full functionality and aesthetics of their smiles.

His work is characterised not only by technical excellence, but also by functionality and aesthetics, which translates into patient satisfaction and health. Dr Burdeinyi is highly regarded for his professional approach and his ability to treat each patient empathetically and individually, which is crucial in the treatment process.

His passion for learning and improving his practice makes him a leader in the field of microscopic endodontics, and his commitment to continuing education and expanding his knowledge confirms his status as an expert in this specialist area of dentistry.

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